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Home Care

If Santa Fe is your second or part-time home, Piñon Property Placement can help to safeguard the condition and value of your property. Regular home inspections and quick response to owner requests form the basis of our successful home care services. Our attention to detail, awareness, and high level of responsibility help assure that when you arrive in Santa Fe, you will enjoy your time relaxing with friends and family rather than dealing with upkeep, maintenance & surprises.

Piñon Property Placement Home Care is led by the Butler Family: Jeff, Jamie & Barbara. Our backgrounds of Engineering, Emergency Medicine and Interior Design translate into quality, an understanding of systems, responsible crisis management and a sense of aesthetics. Home Care clients have become our friends and through those relationships our service levels tend to take on a more personal nature.

Our family’s roots in the Santa Fe community are generations deep. Piñon Property Placement has a 15 year track record of competence and integrity. During that decade and a half, we have built relationships with a group of quality service providers who specialize in maintenance, repairs and special projects. These service providers help us to provide our clients with superior service, work accountability and integrity. We welcome you to join our select group of clients and enjoy the benefits of a PPP home care relationship.

Attention to detail
Every home has its own unique features and idiosyncrasies. We will secure the information needed to familiarize ourselves with your property and to fulfill your special requests as needed. Attention to these details each time a home is checked will insure that that a thorough check is always performed.

Important information can be gathered by being fully aware when entering a home. Does the house seem cooler or warmer than usual 62 -63 degree thermostat setting? Are there smells or noises that are out of the ordinary? Scanning floors, ceilings and windows allow us to fully assess any issues requiring repairs and/or remediation. If needed, we will notify you immediately of the items needing attention and, if you’d like, we’ll even arrange for the work to be done so that repairs can be made immediately and save you the money caused by issues discovered after the fact!

Entrusting your home to others requires a high level of confidence. That’s why professional Home Care requires more than honesty. It requires the insight to know that seemingly unimportant tasks are very critical---such as manually checking all doors each and every time we enter your home. Santa Fe homeowners have entrusted their properties to us for over 15 years; we are grateful for that trust and we are take our responsibility very seriously.